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re: Game Update 2.4: The Dread War

New Story Mission Area: Oricon! Located in an uncharted system well off the Hydian Way, Oricon is a remote moon that is immeasurably strong with the dark side – a perfect home for the feared Dread Masters! Begin the Oricon journey by talking to O6-D5 on the Republic Fleet or D5-F3 on the Imperial Fleet. Details under General

Warzone Arenas! 4v4 Warzone Arenas are now active for Unranked, Ranked Solo, and Ranked Team play! Details under PvP

New Level 55 Daily Missions! Explore the ship-strewn, mysterious landscape of Oricon as you battle the deadly Dread Guard and their minions. The Dread Masters are bent on destroying both the Empire and Republic and they’re using their every resource to do so! Details under Missions and NPCs

New Operation: Dread Fortress! Begin your assault of the Dread Masters lair, an ancient fortress claimed by the Dread Masters soon after arriving on Oricon. Details under Flashpoints and Operations

New Operation: Dread Palace! Make your way beyond the Dread Fortress to the foreboding palace of the Dread Masters –and battle towards the final confrontation with the galaxy’s greatest threat.Details under Flashpoints and Operations

New Galactic Reputation Organization! A new organization has been added: Strike Team Oricon (Republic) (Republic)/Dread Executioners (Imperial). Details under Legacy

New Gear Sets! Three new sets of gear have been added: Dread Forged (new tier), Oriconian (new PvE Commendation gear) and Obroan (new PvP tier). Details under Items and Economy
New Vehicles and Mount! The Praxon Pyroclast, Gurian Volcano, and Strike Force Tauntaun have been added! Details under Items and Economy

New Additions!

Dread Forged is a new tier of gear obtained from the Dread Fortress and Dread Palace Operations in Hard Mode.

Obroan is a new tier of PvP gear obtained via Ranked Warzone Vendors on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. Itrequires Ranked Warzone Commendations as well as the associated Conqueror piece.

Oriconian is a new set of PvE Commendation gear obtained Ultimate Gear Vendors on the Republic and Imperial Fleets.
The Praxon Pyroclast is a new vehicle obtained as a rare drop via Dread Palace and Dread Fortress Operations boss encounters in Hard Mode.

The Gurian Volcano is a new vehicle obtained as a Galactic Reputation reward via the Strike Team Oricon (Republic)/Dread Executioners (Imperial) Galactic Reputation Vendors on Oricon.
The Strike Force Tauntaun is a new mount obtained as a mission reward upon completing the Oricon story missions. It requires "Legendary" rank with Strike Team Oricon (Republic)/Dread Executioners (Imperial).

Players can now use Shift + Left Click an item while the GTN is open to populate the search box with the name of that item.
Added a sortable "Unit Price" column to the GTN Window, which will display the listed item’s price-per-unit.

The GTN now auto completes with the price and duration of a player’s last posted auction. In addition, the last price will be remembered on a per-unit basis. i.e. If a player puts 1 med pack up for 10 credits, and their next auction is a stack of 20 med packs (the same type as before) it will auto complete 200 credits (10 credits for 1 x 20 = 200).

The remembered price and duration are reset upon area transition or log out.
All Galactic Trade Network kiosks are now appropriately named


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