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re: SWTOR Game Update 2.7 Patch notes



New Story Arc: Forged Alliances! Start this story arc by speaking to a droid on the Fleet near the new Outbound Mission Hangar.

New Flashpoints! Beginning the next major storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Korriban Incursion and Assault on Tython Tactical Flashpoints are now available to players at level 55.

Nightmare Mode is now available for the Dread Fortress! Even greater horrors await those who wish to challenge the bastion of the Dread Masters, and the Operation provides even greater rewards in the form of new Dread Master equipment!

Ranked Warzone Season 1 has ended! Characters that had a qualifying rating have been mailed their rewards. We are currently in Pre-Season 2 and Season 2 will begin with 2.7.1! Giradda congratulates the winners and looks forward to the bloodshed in Season 2! Ranked Arenas are still active for teams to prepare for the next season.

Quesh Huttball Pit, a new Warzone, is available for play! Baron Deathmark hosts the latest Huttball match on the toxic planet Quesh. Join the Warzone Queue and Go Berserk!

New Galactic Starfighter Domination Map: Denon Exosphere! An ongoing space battle featuring massive capital ships is ongoing in the exosphere of the ecumenopolis Denon. Wreckage from the battle is scattered around the area as forces fight to control a strategic space station. This map features two permanent spawn points for each team, adding more strategic spawning and attack possibilities.


  • New options are available for the Ground Target Area of Effect reticle:
    • Sticky Ground Target Reticule – When active, this option makes it so your Ground Target Reticule doesn’t disappear if the target location is out of range or the ability otherwise fails. Example: Bounty Hunter attempts to activate Death From Above, but their target location is out of range. With this option active, the GTAoE reticule will persist and allow the player to instantly attempt to use the ability again. If this option isn’t active, then the reticule will disappear and the player will have to click again.
    • Quick Ground Target Activation – When active, pressing a hotkey that belongs to a GTAoE twice will use the ability at the feet of the Player’s target. Example: The Player has the Pass the Huttball ability saved to Hotkey #3. The Player targets an ally and then presses 3 two times. The Huttball Pass will be activated at the feet of the targeted ally. If this option is turned off, then there are no changes to the existing behavior.
  • All equippable gear pieces have their Item Rating displayed in the tooltip. Weapons and armor have not changed.
  • In the equipment tooltips, mods/enhancements now display their Item Rating in parentheses instead of their Item Level.
  • While unequipped, mods/enhancements display their Item Rating in their tooltip.
  • The “Species: Weequay” Codex Entry can be obtained via a Lore Object on Nar Shaddaa.
  • The “Species: Trandoshan” Codex Entry can be obtained by killing a Trandoshan on Belsavis

Missions + NPCs

  • “[WEEKLY] Tactical Flashpoints” is a new Mission available on the Priority Mission Terminal which provides rewards for completing five level 55 Tactical Flashpoints each week.
  • Certain Companions no longer jump into frame during the cinematic on the Mission “A Family Matter.”
  • The Mission “The Heart of Darkness” in Act II of the Bounty Hunter chain now properly updates even if players choose the Dark Side option.
  • The Ship Training Dummy is no longer hogging the camera and doesn’t obstruct the view during the conversation with Risha in the Smuggler Mission Beryl’s Bargain.




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