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re: Dread Master Styrak SNV (Storymode) –L55 - Seventh Boss


SWTOR operation boss guide for Dread Master Styrak and Kell Dragon the seventh and final boss in Scum Villainy, a new Level 55 operation located on planet of Darvannis


Storymode Health: Dread Master Styrak-  1.35 m Kell Dragon  - 648k




Mechanics Strategy


P1: Dread Guard Officer & Dread Guard -  These guys come one pack at a time. Each pack composed of Dread Guard Officer + 4 Dread Guards. The officer will heal so make sure to interrupt him or kill him first. Once a pack is killed, the next pack will activate and attack right away. 


P2: Kell Dragon -  Dragon is mostly a tank n spank except he has an acid attack on the tank that you need to move away from. He also have an attack called Spines that deals AoE damage but can be blocked by having raid standing behind the tank. Additionally, he has a high damage AoE attack called Leap Slam that is fairly infrequent. 


P3: Nightmare Manifestation  - One random raid member is placed into a room and have to fight their companion who has 24k HP


P3: Force Pull -  This is a huge push directed at tanks that will knock them into the exhaustion zone and act as a possible tank swap mechanic. 


P3: Chained Manifestation -  Styrak disappears and spawns a giant apparition of himself chain to four smaller apparitions. You must kill the big one before the four smaller ones close in with their beams.


P3: Lighting Manifestation -  Usually follows Chained Manifestation. Styrak will disappear and spawn four smaller apparitions you will need to kill. 


P3: Force Lighting & Thundering Blast  - Both are attacks directed at random raid members that will damage them and anyone nearby. Thundering Blast deals a large amount of single target damage in one hit while Force Lighting is channeled. 


P4: Kell Dragon  - Kell Dragon appears again but this time takes much more damage. Deals around 1k damage every 2 seconds via an AoE attack caleld Power of the Master.


P4: Saber Throw/Force Charge  - As Styrak is about to die, he will throw his sabers at a random raid member and knock them back into exhaustion zone. The knockback deals 10k damage. 



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