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re: Cartel Warlords SNV (Storymode) – L55 - Sixth Boss


SWTOR operation boss guide for Cartel Warlords (Vilus Garr, Captain Horic, Toraga, and Sunder), the sixth boss in Scum Villainy, a new Level 55 operation located on planet of Darvannis.




Storymode Health 2.6K




Mechanics Strategy


Suggested kill order  - Vilus Garr <–> Captain Horic –> Tu’chuk <–> Sunder


Taunt Immunity -  Both Vilus Garr and Captain Horic have taunt immunity and cannot be taunted. 


Battle Companions -  If one of the Warlord dies and any of the remaining ones are significantly injured, they will get heal for quite a bit. Basically, focus your DPS and kill them one at a time. 


Spray and Pray (Captain Horic) -  Conal attack directed at one person in the raid. Raid should be positioned in an arc in front of Horic so that the conal attack doesn’t hurt the whole raid. 


Fixate (Sunder) -  Sunder will fixate on the closest person to him and walk towards their direction. A tank should be the closest player to Sunder at all times to keep aggro. If he fixates on someone else, tank can still taunt him back. 


Immobilize and Knockback (Tu’Chuk) -  Tu’Chuk will utilize this once both Vilus or Horic are killed. Tanks do not want to put their backs to a wall as they will get knocked back into it and receive significant damage from a debuff called Near Wall. 


Cartel Lieutenant  - (x3) These adds spawn once all the warlords but one are killed. They cannot be taunted.


The End (Sunder) -  An ability Sunder uses if he is the only Warlord left. It is a 5 second cast and at the end of the cast he deals massive damage to the target with threat. Use defensive cooldowns to survive it. 


Damage Increase (Tu’Chuk) -  If Tu’Chuk is the last of the warlords left alive, he will gain a stacking buff that increases his damage output and the fight becomes a burn phase. 



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