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re: Operations Chief SNV (Storymode) – L55 - Fourth Boss


Guide for individual bosses


SWTOR operation boss guide for Operations Chief  , the fourth boss in Scum Villainy, a new Level 55 operation located on planet of Darvannis




Storymode : Health (8m): 579k




Mechanics Strategy


Infiltration Raid - must be divided into four groups, each with 2 players (i.e. Tank/dps or healer/dps pairs). Each team must make to their designated location and kill the two NPCs there concurrently. You have to 10 minutes to get to do this and the timer stops when you engage Operations Chief


Each location have an unique combination of mobs


Red - At Red, Tank + DPS will work


Green - At Green, you can have a range dps attack the pair of mobs below the stairs, this prevent you getting aggro from the patrolling battledroid on the stairs. If you are using melee DPS, then have them move to the right side of the platform once you have engaged the pair to avoid the patrol. Healer + DPS recommended.


Gold - healer + DPS w/ quick interrupts recommended


Blue - Tank + DPS w/ off heals recommended




Terminate (Operations Chief) -  Single target attack that deals massive damage. One shot anyone not a tank. Use defensive cooldowns if you are low on health to survive through it


Mass Explosive Probe -  Raidwide damage. 


Rail Turrets -  Four adds that spawn in the room with low HP. 



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