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re: Dash’Roode SNV (Storymode) – L55- Fist Boss


Guide for individual bosses


SWTOR operation boss guide for Dash’roode, the first boss in Scum and Villainy, the new Level 55 operation located on planet of Darvannis.




Storymode: Health (8m): 1.57 million



Mechanics Strategy


Howling Sandstorm (Environment)  - This is a debuff placed on you if you are outside the shield generator or do not have protection from the personal shield generator. The longer you get exposed to it, the more stacks of this debuff you get and the harder you will get hit when you are outside the shields. 


Shield Generator -  This shield generator, when activated, will protect your raid from effects of Howling Sandstorm. This shield generator only last for a minute and then will run out of power. When this happens, one person must pick up the shield generator and carry it it to the next station. There are limited amounts of stations available. 


“Lost” / Womp Rats  - When moving shields between stations, two (on 8m) raid members will get ported to a random place and have womp rats spawned on them. These players will need to run back to the raid ASAP, carrying womp rats with them. Use defensive cooldowns here if you have them or your Personal Environmental Shield. 


Groundshatter (Knock back) -  AoE knockback that will most likely knock you outside the shields. Run back immediately. 


Gutwrenching Kick (frontal) -  This is sort of a frontal/cleave mechanic. Those standing in front of him will get hit with a kick for a lot of damage (~10k on storymode) and launched far in the air. 


Knock up + Stun  - This is a tank swap mechanic. Dash-roode will knock the tank with threat in the air and stun them. The second tank will need to grab the boss here. (if u choose to ignore this Tanks can have their back to the rock and tank the boss there with the rest of the dps)



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