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re: SWTOR Commendations system in patch 2.0

With patch 2.0, there is a major overhaul to the way commendations are handled both in the leveling process and also in the endgame section. Gone are the old planetary specific commendations and endgame commendations such as Daily Commendations, Black Hole Commendations etc. Instead, there is now a single planetary commendation during the leveling process and endgame commendations are divided into four types: Classic, Basic, Elite, and Ultimate.

Note- There are no changes to warzone commendations or ranked warzone commendations (same storage cap, no weekly cap). . No changes to fleet commendations either (fleet comms storage cap is 19675, no weekly cap). The fleet commendations vendor has no new items.

A note on Level 50-55 Gear Tiers

Campaign/Black Hole – Rating 146 with L61 mods. Black Hole pieces do not have set bonus. (Level 50 starter gear purchased with Classic Commendations)

Dread Guard/Hazmat - Rating 150 with L63 mods. Hazmat pieces do not have set bonus (Level 50 BiS purchased with tokens)

Basic purple gear – Rating 156 with L66 mods (Level 55 starter gear, no set bonus, purchased with Basic Commendations )

Arkanian – Rating 162 with L69 mods (Level 55 starter operation gear purchased with Elite Commendations or tokens)

Underworld/Verpine – Rating 168 with L72 mods. Verpine pieces do not have set bonus (Level 55 BiS gear purchased with Ultimate Commendations or tokens)

All previous level 50 gear such as Tionese, Columi, Rakata and Black Hole had their vendors removed (Campaign Amorings are also removed). Campaign/Black Hole is now the lowest PvE tier for level 50 characters.
Storymode Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault will now drop Black Hole gear
Hardmode/Nightmare Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault, and storymode Explosive Conflict will now drop Hazmat gear.
Hardmode/Nightmare Explosive conflict will now drop Hazmat pieces and unassembled Dread Guard items.


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re: SWTOR Commendations system in patch 2.0

2 additions to this.

1. The weekly Classic Comm cap is set to he removed in a future patch. The was confirmed on the SWTOR forums by Jesse who is a member of the Ops and FPs Team.
(Also I could have sworn the Campaign Gear has a set bonus. I'll look again, I do however think the bonus is now tied to the armoring and not the shell)

2. We discussed this on Vent the other night. If you have saved Colomi Pieces that were drops from HM FP bosses, that could be exchanged at the vendor on fleet for the actual piece, they CAN be traded for comms. The vendor is on the Gav Dragon, Rep Fleet, and it's equivalent ship on the Sith side.

Good Luck out there.

Oh and P.S. Those Planetary Comms? Use them at the vendors on Makeb. I was able to purchase L58 armorings/mods/enhancements for my companion. Every little bit helps! Gear those comps so you can get that 1000 kill Legacy Achievement done!


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