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re: SWTOR Patch 2.0 new crafting materials and schematics

Old Crafting Materials

You can now train all crafting skills to 450, from the previous cap of 400. This means that there are now two new tiers of crafting materials as well. They are Grade 9, which is your regular mats you can get by running crew skill missions, and Grade 10, rare mats mostly found in operations.

Grade 6 used to be the max grade of the regular mats you get from running crew skill missions

Grade 7 were exotic crafting mats such as Biometric Crystal Alloy and Alien Data Cube.

Grade 8 were exotic crafting mats such as Molecular Stabilizers and Synthetic Energy Matrix

Grade 9 Materials


Forum Image Thermal Regulator

Forum Image Bio-Mechanical Interface Chip


Forum Image Mythra

Forum Image Turadium


Forum Image Viral Residue

Forum Image Artificial Microbe

Forum Image Metabolic Enhancement Agent

Forum Image Biochemical Compounding Compound


Forum Image Primordial Artifact Fragment

Forum Image Perfect Carbonic Crystal

Forum Image Carbonic Crystal


Forum Image Medical Grade Injector

Forum Image Sterilization Kit

Underworld Trading

Forum Image Berylius

Forum Image Frasium

Forum Image Hypercloth

Treasure Hunting

Forum Image Mytag Crystal

Forum Image Impeccable Orange Crystal

Forum Image Impeccable Yellow Crystal

Forum Image Rainbow Gem

Grade 10 Exotic Crafting Materials

Forum Image Mass Manipulation Generator

Forum Image Exotic Element Equalizer

Materials obtained from Exotic Element Equalizer:

Obtained from operations
Last boss of Scum and Villainy
Accomplished Arms Trader mini boss within Scum and Villainy
Chests and frog boss within Terror from Beyond
Obtained from L55 HM FPs
Last boss have a chance to drop one
Obtained by REing Arkanian gear


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