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re: Tips On Flashpoints

Oh No!

Too low of a level to complete?

This is the best time to form a 4 player group to help other members of the guild as well as meetting/helping other players.

Why? you say,

This allows to bond together as a group and to get to know your guild mates/ players thoughts.

also allows better tatical advantages as well.

Going for the sweet spot, hard to tackle down enimeies are always tough so what you want to do in a case like this before you attack check to see what kind of mobs they are.

if their is a medical perssonal among the group they are most likely a non-elite that heals elites that you might find tough so takle the lesser hp mob person first.

Some cases their are silver mob person surround by low hp mobs, well in a case like that you want to take out the silver bandet first cause that silver personnal is most likely a heavy hitter like a tank or dps.

Also a great potinal for higer rank members to recruit when helpping players instead of grouping with members, loots great but it is even better to pass, WHA? you say.

Because this gives the other player to respect you in your rank and to be reconized as a member of Dawn of The Jedi to move up in those ranks, and thats how we roll our core values.

Doing so will allow to change that players perspetive of their very own guild or if not in yet one giving them a chance to join ours, cause they remember that help and generousity that you gave and helpped to that player(s).


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