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Our overall concept for what constitutes good behaviour is simple:

 1) Please put "service above self," as they say in Rotary International.

2) Please don't do anything that will embarrass you with a teacher, preacher, parent, or Guild Master.

 3) If you are a leader, please lead by example and set a good example.

So, how do I do all that, you ask? Read on....

Your first priority is to your fellow guildmates.

Your second priority is to the other players.

Please make a sincere offer of help on Guild Chat, when you first log-on.

Please make a sincere effort to help any players who are Looking For Members (LFM) to run a Flashpoint or a Heroic.

Please don't tease other players or make sexist remarks; refrain from creating drama just to see what reactions you can envoke. In other words, don't "troll."

Be respectful of other players when you're out and about. Remember, your actions reflect upon all of us, so please do things that will bring credit to us.

This is a family-oriented guild, so please don't use profanity, especially in Guild Chat. For small groups running Flashpoints or Heroics, we will leave it up to the leader of that group to decide if profanity is okay. Profanity in Guild Chat is never okay.

When asking a guildmate to make you a crafted item, please do your best to provide the materials needed to make the item. Please take the time to use the Web (see this Wesite's links on the "Home" page) and look up the item to learn what materials are needed to make it. Then use this list as a shopping guide to obtain the materials. Attach these materials to an in-game email message and send them to your favorite crafter.

If you are a high-level player (Level 40 and up), please do your best to craft items for guildmates, using your materials whenever possible. We ask this because as a higher-level player you are far more likely to have a large amount of credits at your disposal. That said, it is only fair to expect players to pay thier own way, so asking a requestor to provide any missing materials is not unreasonable.

If you loot a "orange" or "purple" item that you can't use, please place it in the Guild Bank.

Because bank space is limited, please do not deposit "green" gear in the Guild Bank.

We pay for repairs, using Guild Bank funds. But because the game does not contribute a percentage of our looted credits to our bank account, please deposit credits in the Guild Bank from time to time. How much you depsit is up to you it is a community Guild Bank.

Please use Ventrillo. It doesn't cost anything to download and it is easy to configure for use. We are using our own private account so we don't have to worry about interruptions. To get the login information, see my post on the private Members Forum.

I will demote members of this guild who routinely break these rules. I will warn them first.  I will give demoted players a chance to correct their ways; how long they will remain on probation is up to me and the demoted player. We don't want to lose anyone.

This pretty well sums up who we are and how we will behave. Please let Ennion or Zurin know if we need to add something important that we overlooked. This is your guild, so please take an active interest in its governance.

Yours in service,


Master of the Order


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