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All new characters will begin as a Jedi Initiate.


The Master of the Order and Jedi Grand Masters make all promotions.


Rank Ladder (highest to lowest):


     Master of the Order (Guild Leader)

     Jedi Grand Master (Officer)

     Jedi Master (Guild Leader Alts)

     Jedi Peacekeeper (Officer Alts)

     Jedi Watchman (Senior Members)

     Jedi Diplomat (Senior Alts)

     Jedi Keeper (Member)

     Jedi Initiate (New Recruits)


Helping fellow guildmates is your first priority. Helping other players who are not in our guild is your next prioity.  This will give us a stronger presence on the Jedi Covenant (our server) which will lead to increased recruitment.  Remember, the way of the Jedi is to serve. We mean it.

How do we serve?

Joining in a group to help with Heroic quests, crafting items for others, sending crafting materials to others,  Help is more than giving advice in Guild Chat, although that is also another form of service that we encourage.


  Guild members help each other advance and obtain high-quality gear and items. 

Since you are a member of this guild you are now in a better position than the older players were, back in the beginning.  This is because you now belong to the friendliest guild on Jedi Covenant. Your playing experience will be much more fun if you make a practice of helping our teammates.  Doing so will help you learn more about the game as well.  Your SWTOR friends will tell you all sorts of helping things as you communicate with them on Guild Chat in via our Ventrilo account.


Ranks Explained:

Jedi Initiate: New toons remain here through to Level 50.

Jedi Keeper: Other a Crafter or Raider upon our cause.

Jedi Diplomat: Senor Member alts.

Jedi Watchman: Senor Members Other a Successful Raider or Crafter.

Jedi Peacekeeper: Officer Alts.

Jedi Master: Guild Leader Alts.

Jedi Grand Master: Officers.

Master of the Order: Guild Leader.

Rank Permissions:

Jedi Initiate & Jedi Keeper: Have access to the Guild Bank's first tab.

Jedi Diplomat: Senior Raider's Alt characters, can recruit members

Jedi Watchman: Senor Memebers dedicated to our Raiding Progression, Can Recruit

Jedi Peacekeeper: Officer Alt characters Can recruit, view/type in Officer Chat 

Jedi Grand MasterOfficer Can recruit, view/type in Officer Chat

Jedi Master: Guild Leader Alt characters, view/type in Officer Chat, Can recruit

Master of the Order: Has full permissions.


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