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We are a Raid Progression  guild that takes teamwork  quite seriously. Accordingly, we are looking for people who play on a regular basis. We are working adults who play in the evenings and on weekends, as our family commitments permit.  If you like to play during the daytime then you will not be happy here.

                                                        The Shadow of Revan

Please help us build up our numbers of raiders who are experinced and just learning, the bigger the group the bigger the acheivments.

We want our members each to help not a raider? you can help by helping others Stock upgraded gear, leveling-up crafting, and obtaining credits needed to purchase Augiments and MK-9 Kits. 

  We ask that each member place useful Raiding gear and items into our Guild Bank. "were only success as a team not for each other". 

Credits.    We will use these credits to pay for all of our members' repairs, and to establish a Guild Flagship.  As long as the Guild Bank has funds in it we will permit weekly withdrawals of credits to help our members advance their crafting skill.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a cadre of regular players who have done Level 55 characters so that we can enjoy the end-game content. That said, there is a place here with us even if raiding isn't your cup of tea. You could become one of our basis of Crafters, and Credit Collectors to help us move foward in our cause. With growth we can spreads joy throughout the server and enhances our reputation.

If you are interested in joining us then please submit an application for membership.  The link to the application is located on the top left side of this page.


                                                Eternity Vault 8 Man NiM




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